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Where does our junk go???

Hi! I am Susan Berry, and I am an artist by profession. The medium I work with is quite unique. I make art installations from big cardboard boxes. I fist collect cardboard boxes of all shapes, and a sizes and then store them until I have a need for them in one of my art projects. I rent several storage areas to store my collected boxes. When I an inspired towards a new project or a new idea, I make repeated trips to these storages to get the desired boxes out.

Most of the time, my art is not pre-designed. I am a “take it as it comes” kinda gal. I live my life a moment at a time and that philosophy projects into my style of working as well. So, when I am engrossed in a project, I often don’t realize how much trash I produce until I am done. I used to hate the fact that when I am done I have so much trash to deal with. In the excitement of having a new art piece on my hand, I used to just throw away the cardboard scraps without putting much conscience thought behind the process.

This past month, I had some friends over for the previewing of my new art piece at my home studio. Once we were done with the evening, I requested everyone to help me carry all my trash to the dumpster. One friend who works of Northern California Compactors Inc. Pointed out that throwing away so much cardboard scraps is harming the environment and that I should recycle.

That evening sort of stayed with me, and I got a few other artist friends together and we have now invested in a trash compactor in order to recycle our waste. Trash compactors are a brilliant in the way they work, and they are just as easy to use as it is to throw away stuff.

I think we should all think about where we can do our part in salvaging our planet.

Dot the Is and Cross the Ts

My daughter Stephanie is a sophomore in an Engineering program at North Carolina State University and she loves talking about her lab work to me. She spends more time in her labs than she does anywhere else. It is good to see this sort of dedication from her at this age. I think it will take her to great heights in life.

Just the other day, when she was home for spring break, she was talking about one of her physics experiments to me. She got so upset while talking about it, that I could really see her passion for what she does. Stephanie is a very meticulous and organized person, always has been. She likes to make sure all things are in order before she proceeds with anything. The experiment she was talking about didn’t go as well as she had hoped for because her lab partner overlooked the part where they had to ensure that the equipment was calibrated to the correct standards.

She was telling me that equipment calibration in her experiments are as essential as using the correct ingredients in the right measurements in my baking. It was upsetting to know that after all her hard work and efforts, she couldn’t rely on a fellow student to make sure things are as they need to be so as to get the right results; or at least accurate results.


A Good Car Dealer = Great Car Buying

Hi, I am Mike and I recently bought a car that I am in love with. I live in the Phoenix area in Arizona and would like other people thinking about buying a new car to know about Chapman Volkswagen dealership in Scottsdale, AZ.

At Chapman Volkswagen, you will find friends and informed sales people that will answer all your questions and queries until you are satisfied. They were a huge help to me. I was not even decided on what car I wanted to buy, and they helped me not only decide, but to make a smart decision that was right just for me.

I bought a 2010 Passat. Even though it is a used Volkswagen, it is comparable to the new model. I test drove the new model and the one I bought, and they both seemed like the same car to me when I was driving them.

So if you live in the area and want to buy a used Volkswagen or a new one, Scottsdale Volkswagen in Arizona is a must visit.


Regular Research Leading to a Top Discovery

I’m a student second year student doing my MBA in Marketing and Operations, and recently came across white papers by RelayWare on several different topics that I have been doing some research on. RelayWare started in the United States, and with increased success and a superb list of clients, they extended to the United Kingdom. Partner Relationship Management is what they do and their products are built for partner management that powers sales channel management.

They are experts at what they do, as they pioneered the PRM solutions offered by them. For the best of the best in the industry, and for all your PRM problems and needs, I would suggest that they be contacted.

I was just thinking while reading their expert tips in the white paper that if they share such useful and unique information with all, that their product would be amazing for those in the industry that require PRM solutions.

One of their white papers was on Sales Channel Management, and it really inspired me to come up with my thesis topic as it involved both marketing and operations concepts. I am truly thankful to RelayWare for sharing such valued information.


Some Always Strive to be Better

Since the summer is approaching, I was researching on the web for activities that daughter can part take in. She is into computers and all and so I was searching for computer camps in the area. I found several kids summer camps that taught computers but one that struck me as way superior than the others is Internal Drive.

They are the largest and most recommended kids’ computer camps and they put a lot of work and effort in maintaining that rank. They claim to have the ID Difference. This is where they pay close attention to making sure that they have a 8:1 ratio in their classrooms and no more than that. Their master staff is hired selectively by the regional managers they have in different areas. They hold their camps at the best universities and carefully maintain their courses by making up to date changes to the curriculum. The ID Difference also includes individual attention to all students present and personalized computers for all students in each batch.

Internal Drive states their priority as being the best by making sure that the kids that enrol at the summer computer camps get the best they can in their desired courses.

I am hard set to send my daughter to their summer camp this year, and I am sure once she gets there, she will want to enrol again the following summers to come.